Managed Services

- Desktop Management

Desktop & Laptop Management

Proactive technical IT support for desktops & laptops.
Your business likely relies heavily on personal computers, software and email to communicate with customers, clients and employees. Users are increasingly dependent on, and demanding for, technology that works. Today, PC management and support plans are vital to ensure that your desktops, laptops and peripherals are running optimally and that users are productive and satisfied.

Save internal staff time with comprehensive desktop maintenance and management, including:

  • 24/7 technical support; including remote, on-site and after hours options
  • Bundled anti-virus package, hourly updates, management and reporting
  • Bundled anti-spyware package, daily updates and management
  • Software patch management including pre-release research and testing
  • Service pack updates
  • Microsoft Office updates
  • Comprehensive reporting on all preventative maintenance activities
  • Keep control of your IT assets

Companies that don’t track their hardware and software assets are at risk for losing valuable property as well as tax advantages. Our Managed IT Support Service plans include asset and inventory tools that can track your server and desktop assets including comprehensive reports on:

  • Installed hardware inventory
  • Installed software inventory
  • Executive summary asset inventory and usage reports

Expert IT consulting and project management

Invictus' team of IT management consultants and project managers have the breadth of expertise to ensure that your IT resources will support your business now and in the future. When it’s time to upgrade or expand your desktop capabilities, Invictus' IT support specialists can install and configure new PCs, laptops, and handhelds for your users quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s one Macintosh or 100 PCs, Invictus will recommend, plan and implement the best desktop and network solutions to connect your business, with the least interruption to daily business operations.

Depend on Invictus to facilitate your:

  • Workstation installations and set-ups
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Staff and office moves

Keep your PCs running optimally with preventative technical support

Our Managed Workstation program ensures optimum performance from your desktops and laptops thanks to behind the scenes, continual maintenance and monitoring. From installing system updates for your operating system to bundling a robust anti-virus package, our managed desktop technical support.