Healthcare Consulting

- EHR Selection

Selecting an electronic health record (EHR) system is the most crucial decision an organization will make. An EHR impacts all aspects of patient care, not only how the encounter is recorded. It will require fundamental modifications of all clinical and business processes and should be planned for accordingly. An EHR system is a large investment; the selection process is challenging and takes considerable effort. Invictus Healthcare Solutions will partner with your practice to ease the burden of EHR selection and will ensure that you make an informed decision and choose the correct system for your practice’s unique workflow. Our tried and tested process for selecting the correct EHR involves the following steps:


Strategic Planning & Assessment:

Organizational Readiness Assessment

Invictus will assist your organization in identifying the degree of readiness for this transformation. We will provide solutions for managing this change.

Strategic Goal Planning

Invictus consultants will facilitate the discovery of short and long-term strategic goals, assist in choosing a selection team, and map the EHR selection process toward meeting those goals.

ROI Analysis

This process will allow for a practice to plan for the initial and long term expense of an EHR purchase, as well as identify the return on investment opportunities specific to their practice.

Project Plan for EHR Selection

We will provide a systematic approach to selecting an EHR vendor best suited to your unique needs, size and specialty.

IT Infrastructure

Invictus consultants will evaluate a practices degree of IT readiness and facilitate any needed IT relationships required to provide infrastructure needs specific to the EHR vendor selected.

Workflow Assessment and Administrative Processes

Invictus consultants will perform a full administrative and clinical workflow analysis to identify areas of redesign required for successful EHR adoption.

Efficiency Analysis

Invictus consultants will assist your practice in identifying and improving less efficient processes through automation and fewer steps.

Clinical and Administrative Reporting Needs

Invictus consultants will assist in determining your practice’s clinical reporting and administrative needs which are vital components of the EHR selection process. The goal of Invictus is to assist in selecting an EHR that exhibits usability for your practice.

Interoperability Planning

Invictus consultants will assist in planning your practice’s interoperability needs and goals. A practice’s level of interoperability will not only impact Meaningful Use compliance but can bring about greater efficiency in the clinical and operational arenas.

Chart Abstraction Plan

Invictus consultants will help your practice identify a solid strategy for determining the key elements for what, when, who, and how data from your paper charts will be entered into your EHR.

Document Management Plan

Invictus consultants will assist your practice in developing the key elements for what, when, who, and how existing documents and new documents will enter your EHR.

Vendor Selection

Vendor Candidates

Based upon discoveries learned during the strategic planning and assessment phase, Invictus will identify and document the top vendor candidates for your practice.

Vendor Request for Proposal Submission & Analysis

Invictus will send requests for proposals (RFPs) to the top vendor candidates and assist in analysis of the submissions. These RFPs will not only provide the vendor with pertinent information about your practice but, more importantly, will provide your practice with vendor background information, including client references, detailed technology system information and pricing, a functionality checklist, implementation and training prices, and ongoing support costs.

Vendor Demonstrations

Invictus will schedule and manage onsite system demonstrations, and customize evaluation tools to assist in the evaluation of multiple systems.

Provider Advocate

Invictus will serve as the Provider Advocate throughout the process, including EHR selection, contract evaluation & recommendations, system implementation & installation