Managed Services

- Managed Firewalls

Managed firewall service is a cost effective means of ensuring that your company's data is kept secure. Our team of security experts are dedicated to offering you around-the-clock monitoring of your Firewall ensuring that the bad guys on the internet stay out of your network.

Managed Firewall Service provides 24x7x365 proactive administration of your firewall infrastructure.

Save internal staff time with comprehensive desktop maintenance and management, including:

  • Firewall policy design, equipment installation and configuration
  • Log monitoring
  • Firewall monitoring and management
  • Comprehensive reporting and emergency response

Our experts will monitor your firewall logs for security events in real-time. Firewall logs are an extremely valuable source of security information. By monitoring these logs our experts can identify malicious activity including previously unknown, zero-day attacks. Our experts will also monitor your firewalls for performance and availability to ensure your business never goes offline.

Service Features

  • Rule set changes and validation
  • Configuration changes
  • Firewall Upgrades
  • Patch management
  • General maintenance
  • Backup and recovery
  • 24x7 security event monitoring
  • Performance and availability management
  • Fault analysis
  • On-demand reports