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Managed Anti-Virus Services

Do You Have the Resources for Daily Management, Monitoring and response to corporate Anti-Virus attacks and Spyware?
The Invictus team can provide a Managed Anti-Virus\Spyware Services for either gateway-based, host-based, or both using industry best-of-breed solutions.
Gateway Anti-Virus solutions provide a means to scan all inbound and outbound e-mail, Web, and FTP traffic for viruses, quarantining malicious code in real-time before it can enter or leave your network. All at wire speed, without impacting your network performance! We have clients today for whom we are stopping thousands of viruses per hour from entering their networks.
In addition, our managed Anti-Virus provides a higher degree of granularity and the desktop protection required in today's Internet landscape. We have a well-engineered, scalable, product that scales to thousands of desktops.
Spyware and Phising attacks are on the rise and companies have to stay current on their security solutions to ensure they're protected. With Invictus managing your AV and Spyware at a low monthly cost, you can rest assured that your corporate information will be safe from the bad guys.